With technical protection systems you can ensure your property is safe against burglary, theft, fire etc. Properly designed system can easily prevent property damage and alarm security services to take appropriate steps to prevent the worst scenario.
Equipment for technical protection that is installed in the protected facilities is produced by renowned domestic and foreign companies and is among the most reliable ones. In addition, good cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior is one of the reasons for the high quality of our services.
Counseling is provided by highly trained specialists in the field of physical and technical protection, all of whom are engineers licensed by the Ministry of Interior in accordance with the Private Protection Act.
We offer the design of technical protection system from the preliminary design to the handover:

– Preliminary Design
– Project Assignment
– Detailed Design
– As-Built Design

We offer a complete implementation of technical protection system. This includes all stages of implementation, from Preliminary Design, Detailed and As-Built Design, construction and supervision, up to commissioning and handover of the system.
We also offer a 24- hour malfunction notification and service department.
Constant monitoring of global trends in the field of technical protection systems and introduction of new technology enables us to achieve our main objective which is a prevention of unwanted events and an identification of threats to facilities, persons and property in order to provide optimal protective measures.