Protective Smoke Screen Systems are anti-burglar and anti-theft systems, designed for property protection by covering the area in thick smoke so that it becomes completely invisible.
The advantage of Protective Smoke Screen System is that it provides a fast protection of the property. Just few seconds after opening, the entire area is covered in thick smoke which reduces visibility to only ten centimeters and prevents the burglar`s action.

It is more efficient than conventional protection methods like safety guards, video surveillance and intervention of security services and the authorities because the perpetrator can not steal what he can not see. The smoke produced by this system is durable and it stays in the space for several hours which gives the intervention unit more than enough time for to intervene.
Artificial smoke that is being produced is harmless to humans and animals and does not damage the objects in the protected area. It does not affect the safety of electronic equipment since it leaves no traces on the equipment or produces any adverse effects.