Physical Protection service covers the entire range of security aspects, from patrolling, through simple “Guard” service, to the most demanding security reception service. We are authorised by the Ministry of Interior to perform these security services and we hire trained security guards for all types of protection and for all levels of Property Protection.

Various forms of Physical Protection

Security guards can be permanently or occasionally present in the protected facility, depending on the need and the extent of protection. Form of protection is determined by the complexityof the facility, depending on safety and risk assessment, as well as the requirements of the service user.

The main purpose of all forms of facilities protection is to prevent adverse events, fire, burglary or theft in the protected facility and protected areas and to protect the property from damage, thefts and destruction.
A special form of property protection are firefighters and fire guard. It is performed by trained security guards and, if necessary, professional firefighters.

Security guards in stores

Our security guards in stores, in addition to basic knowledge in the field of security services, have additional knowledge necessary for the protection of stores. They are also trained to use a variety of technical aids such as video surveillance systems and various forms of electronic and technical devices for the protection of products from theft. Our professional approach enables us to efficiently respond in all situations. We assist our clients in solving a number of problems, which without proper and professional protection could have very serious consequences, whether regarding larger or smaller scale thefts or the situations when individuals or groups with their deleterious actions negatively affect the environment.

The protection takes place on delivery ramps, in warehouses, administrative areas and retail part of the store. The time of protection is adapted to store opening hours but also to clients’ needs. Security guards, both men and women are dressed in elegant uniforms that fit well into the store`s surrounding and are not too conspicuous, or in work uniforms that are more suitable for workplaces exposed to weather conditions and dust.


To carry out interventions, meaning the immediate departure to the place of alarm or a call for help of another security guard, we have security guards who are specially trained for such interventions. Intervention security guards are trained to intervene in the event of burglary, fire and theft, calls for help, alarms from one of the facility`s protection and surveillance systems, alarms from one of the systems for the surveillance of technological process, as well as to rescue from the elevator.