For managing the Central Alarm System we are licensed by the Ministry of Interior and hire the services of professionally trained operators.
At a time when security is one of the highest values, you can easily ensure a secure data transmission. Our central alarm system (CDS) provides controlled message- alarm transmission through constantly supervised transmission route. Data-alarm transmission is designed according to the highest standards required for this kind of data transfer.

The complexity of the CDS increases with the development of technical protection systems.

Central Alarm System Management
CDS receives signals and calls from the facilities that are protected by either physical or technical protection (or a combination of both) and after the signal has been processed it channels the Alarm Notification to relevant emergency services, service user, person in charge or public and other institutions.
CDS controls the operation of safety systems on the facility, mobility and connection of lines for a signal-alarm transmission and takes appropriate measures if any irregularities are detected.

Call for Help Service

Call for Help Service, called the “panic button”, is a service that enables one to easily send a call for help. It is a button equipped device one can easily carry in a pocket or around one`s neck or in a place that is easily reachable at all times. In any case, it is recommended that the device is constantly with you. After the button is pressed an alarm is sent to the CDS which, immediately after receiving the alarm, notifies the nearest available intervention unit.
The service is intended primarily for elderly persons, sick and infirm persons, who in case of certain health problems, accidents, severe nausea or other threats can easily call for help by using this “button”.